How We Work

For our remote clients:

  • We have you complete some initial paperwork and determine your needs.
  • Based on your current bills, we determine how much money will be needed to fund your bill pay account monthly.  At the start of each month or through direct deposit from each paycheck, that amount will be deposited into the bill pay account.
  • After entering the documents into our system, paperwork will be shredded or returned to the client, as the client prefers.
  • The bills are reviewed and paid.  If there is an issue, we will contact the vendor directly and notify you.  You will also be able to review bills and notify us of any problems.

For our local clients who prefer in-home visits:

  • We will visit your home every one to two weeks to sort through the mail and pay bills.  The frequency will be determined by the quantity and types of bills to be paid.
  • All bills will continue to be sent to your home and your daily money manager will pay those bills and handle any other issues during your scheduled appointment time.
  • You will sign the checks or approve the bills to be paid through online banking.
  • Checkbooks and/or financial software will be updated and balanced.
  • Paperwork will be filed in the client’s personal files and all records will be kept in the client’s home.
Caitlin Hall
Caitlin Hall
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