Personal CFO Services for High Net Worth
Families and Busy Professionals

We offer an array of financial services, catered for your needs, to manage your daily financial life.  As you know, the more money you have, the more complicated life can become.  We are here to simplify your life and take the burden of your daily financial responsibilities off your shoulders allowing you to spend more of your time how you choose to spend it.

We manage
your daily finances,
so you don’t have to.

Client Services

As your personal CFO, we will work closely with other members of your financial team to ensure and maintain your financial wellbeing. Our services include:

Bill Management

We make sure all bills and household expenses are paid in a timely manner including credit cards, utilities, mortgages and/or rent payments, household staff, property taxes, tuition and any other expenses related to the operation of the household. Bills are sent directly to us and we review them and pay them.

Financial Reporting

We utilize financial software to track income and expenses and review credit cards and bank accounts for any issues or concerns.  Your accounts are reconciled regularly to ensure records are accurate. We create income and expense reports monthly to show you exactly where your money is going so you can make better decisions and communicate better information to other members of your financial team.

Working with other Professionals

We work seamlessly with other members of your financial team such as your wealth manager, attorneys, accountants, and insurance agents to ensure your financial health.  Other professionals on your financial team can make recommendations, but without an understanding of cash flow or how the daily financial matters factor in, they might be missing critical information. 

Fiduciary Services

We often work with those who have taken on the role of Trustee or Executor (Personal Representative), but who need assistance in managing the day-to-day financial matters and other tasks required for the trust or estate. There are times where we are asked to step in and act as a Power of Attorney or Trustee.  We make that determination on a case-by-case basis.  

Clients Served 

We work with business owners, executives, busy professionals and those who might travel often, like athletes.  Our clients are high net worth or high earning individuals and families.  They often have complex financial lives that can more resemble running a business than a home.  It can be time consuming and overwhelming to manage and that is where we come in. 

We are here to simplify and organize your financial life.

In Good Company

Our Clients Trust and Recommend us.
We know that you will too.

– Caitlin Hall, Founder

The Sky’s The Limit

Let us manage the daily financial matters so you don’t have to. Free up your time and let go of the worry.  Spend your time doing more of what you love, with those you love.