Some DMM Basics

Most clients have questions. I’ve put a list together of the most common ones, but please reach out to me for more detail on these or anything else you’d like to know.

What is Daily Money Management?

Daily Money Managers provide assistance to clients who either don’t have the time or don’t have the desire to manage their personal financial affairs.  The services meet a variety of needs from organizing and keeping track of financial and medical records to assisting with bill payments and cash flow, as well as creating income and expense reports.

How does it differ from online billpay through my bank or financial software? 

Online billpay is a great tool, but it is only a tool and can’t match the services we provide. Online billpay can’t check an invoice and find an error.  It can’t call a vendor to straighten out a bill.  It can’t account for credit card companies that change due dates from one month to the next.  Bill pay is just a small part of the services we provide. We will take care of all of these issues and more when you hire Organize My Life.

Who uses Organize My Life? 

Our firm specializes in working with high net worth individuals and families, busy professionals and the elderly.  Our professionals and high net worth clients are often traveling, working long hours, or simply don’t have the time to take care of the day-to-day financial matters in their own lives.  Our elderly clients often have difficulty managing their personal finances because of extensive travel or medical issues like confusion, dementia, vision problems or other physical ailments.

How does it work? 

Organize My Life receives bills directly from vendors for our clients.  We review all bills for accuracy, download or scan the bills to our files and pay out the bills on time.  We work with clients to access their funds to utilize for bill payments and we take care of the rest. For our local clients in Broward County, we can also make house calls and take care of all bill pay services in the client’s home. 

How do you charge? 

Initially services are billed hourly for all clients while we work to understand the ongoing needs of our clients. We do offer the option to switch to a flat rate billing cycle in circumstances where that is appropriate. If you need occasional services outside of your flat rate plan, we can bill hourly for time spent.  For our in-home clients, we bill at an hourly rate, payable at the time of service.

Do you provide debt consolidation or credit counseling?

No, although our clients often do see an improvement in their credit scores simply by using our services, we don’t provide debt consolidation services.  We will sit down with you to create a budget and come up with a plan to pay down debt, if that is one of your concerns.

What about security/privacy? 

We realize that the information we are handling for you is very personal and it is vital that we maintain confidentiality and ensure security.  We take that responsibility very seriously. No information will ever be shared with third party companies outside of the scope of providing service to you.  In other words, we will talk to your credit card company or doctor’s office to straighten out a bill or with your accountant or attorney on your behalf, but we will never sell your information to an outside party.

Are you insured? 

Yes, we carry a professional liability policy through Lloyds of London.

Do you replace my accountant or financial advisor? 

No.  We work with your accountants, wealth managers, insurance agents and bankers to ensure that you are taken care of in every aspect of your financial life.

Do you only work with local clients? 

No. Organize My Life has the ability to work with clients nationwide.

Don’t you have something you’d rather do?

Leave the daily money management to us and get back to your business and your free time while we organize your financial life for you.