Bill Pay Services

Organize My Life removes the burden of paying bills and managing daily financial tasks with our personalized BillPay Service.  The following is a list of services provided by Organize My Life: 

  • Receive bills and download or scan to files
  • Review bills for issues and concerns
  • Contact companies with any problems
  • Pay bills on time, every time.
  • Update and reconcile bill pay activity
  • Pay bills on multiple residences
  • Work with payroll companies for household staff
  • Create expense reports to submit for reimbursement
  • Create monthly and year-end reports
  • Create reports as needed for financial advisors and accountants
  • Maintain records and reports for tax items
  • Create profit/loss reports on rental properties
  • Pull credit reports annually for review and recommendations
  • Create budgets
  • Create savings or debt repayment plans
  • Work together with your attorneys, advisors, and accountants

Paying bills is our job. 
                 It doesn’t have to be yours

Caitlin Hall
Caitlin Hall
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