How do you benefit from Organize My Life’s daily money management service?

  • Peace of mind. Know that all your bills are paid on time, every time without you lifting a finger.
  • Stop late payments and over the limit fees when we handle your daily finances.
  • Improve your credit score and reduce your interest rates.  The most important factor in improving your credit score is paying your bills on time.
  • Travel without worry, whether it is for business or pleasure.  When your bills are sent directly to Organize My Life, it won’t matter if you are home or not, you can be sure they are paid on time.
  • Improve your record keeping.  With our paper management system or our in-home visits, we will make sure your records are neat and organized, making tax time much easier.
  • Reduce family stress.  When we handle your parents’ daily finances, you can be sure their electricity won’t get shut off.  They will maintain a sense of autonomy and you can relax, knowing their bills are taken care of.
  • Stop wasting money. Review and analyze spending with our Annual Financial Review.  We will research your cell phone plan, home phone plan, auto insurance, etc. and make sure you are getting the best deal.   
  • Stop paying interest on business expenses.  If it takes you months to organize and submit your business expenses, you are paying interest on that money. Drop your expense receipts in the mail and we will submit reports monthly.
  • Free up your “free time”. You have better things to do with your weekends than sort through and pay bills.